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Shaker Jam (Phong Nha Farmstay)

I met a few brave souls who joined Joel and I for a shaker jam at Phong Nha Farmstay in North Central Vietnam!

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Aweh Mixtape #4

Putting together mixtapes for is what I do with those vast, seemingly endless landscapes of spare time I have.

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My experimental alias Inventor Mr Fox was featured on’s 3rd mixtape! Six Bars is track number 5. Also, I created the playlist.

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Stairway To Heaven Live Sample Freestyle

The best type of friends: those who heed the weekend battle call to CREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE!!!!!!!

Thanks Matt and Evan.

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Six Bars

New sounds for the keen ear. Kinda proud of this one!

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I do a bit of work on the side for, the awesome local English webzine. I collect good tracks from artists in and around Seoul mainly, and publish them in a monthly mixtape. Here’s the latest.

Narch – You Don’t Know (
Pravda23 – Work It Out (
The Nod – Have You Seen Me (
Paul Bazooka – Moodstone (
SoundMinutes – E.S. In The Morning (SoundMinutes)

Originally published here. Mixtape #1 is here.

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Short Song For My Ex

I hate hurting people. Sometimes remorse just hits you at like 9.30pm and you can’t sleep until you do something like this.

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Fire on the Horizon

New Zero7 soundalike track, co-written with Jennifer Waescher.(Msg for download)

Vocals & lyrics Jennifer Waescher

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