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D C G Gorillaz Track

i’ve been waiting down the shore for the tide to turn

counting all my demons and my blessings and my beautiful burns

i’m in the same ol’ situation aahve been in before

only my imagination encourages me to go on

breaking bottles on the tracks till you get your way

little bit of poison in every bottle you put away

nothing left to throw on the fire have to compensate

only this resilient reminder things are gonna change


Battle for Truth

A young man demanded his priest for the truth
The old man replied with an all-knowing stare
And held underwater the head of the youth, saying
“Battle for truth like you battle for air.”

Battle for truth like you battle for air
Your days on this earth are an ongoing dream
Battle for love and you’ll find the way
The way it’s meant to be

Armies of answers of certainty born
May shear in triumph the ill-fated ears
Of listening questions, but will soon transform
From armies and triumphs to armies of years

And if the white wings of the angel of death
Make this very night with their presence ablaze
And bequeath unto me one final request, I’ll say
“Take me away from this beautiful place.”

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Many Lifetimes

I am scared of the future, I am worried by the past
I have plunged into the snowmelt of this mental avalanche
I am shaken by that bully Fear, he grabs me by the scruff
I have waited all eternity, I have waited long enough

I have wandered many lifetimes always trying to believe
That the more you give the more you receive

From this earthly slumber I fell awake by chance
In to the heavens, ghostly figures held me in their arms
And lift me up with whispers and cast me to the stars
Where I’ll dwell amidst infinity, where dreams from hopes are carved

And I’ll wander many lifetimes always trying to believe
That the more you give the more you receive

Show me how to be
Again and again

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My Dear (a heaven hell song so far)

despite how attractive i appear

intentions lie beneath these eyes dont come near

dont come near

i know the reason you came

i personify the fantasy you crave

its for you my dear

it’s not real

you have answered my cry

darling i’m alive

every time i cry

i’ll feel your lips on my eyes

i’ll make you available to me

give you the pleasure oh the pleasure that you seek

make you feel

we’re nothing short of asinine

poison each other’s glass and drink each other’s wine


the challenges that last
magical and surprising
medley of things to pass
before reaching the horizon

keep your hopes and dreams close
fears and anxieties closer