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A friend made this.

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A Short Picture Of Life Itself

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When You’re Making Other Plans

A minute or two of my actual life, sans illusions.

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Street Vibes.

While eating a burger on the second floor of Lotte World on the way home from the school. Just like the composition.

Truth (Song)

Wrote this in a parked car about 6 years ago I guess. The good ones tend to stick around.

A young man demanded his priest for the truth
The old man replied with an all-knowing stare
And held underwater the head of the youth, saying
“Battle for truth like you battle for air.”

Battle for truth like you battle for air
Your days on this earth are an ongoing dream
Battle for love and you’ll find the way
The way it’s meant to be

Armies of answers of certainty born
May shear in triumph the ill-fated ears
Of listening questions, but will soon transform
From armies and triumphs to armies of years

And if the white wings of the angel of death
Make this very night with their presence ablaze
And bequeath unto me one final request, I’ll say
“Take me away from this beautiful place.”

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