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What I Need From You

There is no "up", only "out".

I want you to believe in yourself.

I want this because I believe we are all connected, and that if one suffers, all suffer. I want the present system of goal acquisition to change radically and permanently.

I want the most important goal of every human being to be personal fulfilment through love for oneself and one’s fellows.

I want the needs of the human organism to begin to outweigh the needs of its individual cells. Tolerance, communication, empathy.

By believing that the thing I enjoy most about my life has value to others, it can be used to uplift or educate or entertain others.

This strengthens the bonds of love between me and others.

By practicing it, I continue to believe.

Love is not emotion. Love is action.

When I do this thing, a natural joy takes over me and I realize that it’s actually all I want to do. Every day I practice feeling this joy.

So I believe in myself, and I hope I can pass it on to you.

Do the thing you most want to do, and encourage others to do the same. Instead of rearranging the circumstances of your life in order to find joy, find the joy in your present circumstances. Nothing can be held onto. The moment you realize this fully, you are alive and free.

I need you to believe in yourself today.

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Whether you’re an outstanding example of a human being, an ordinary everyday person or a complete disaster, you’re in the same boat as everyone else. You have a box of crayons. Perhaps you got the 8-pack, the 16 or the 24, but now you have to draw a picture with them.

Once you realize the simplicity of this task, your attitude becomes an acceptance of fact. Non-spiritual, non-religious, non-scientific, non-prescribed fact . You are here. You must draw. Don’t think of it as work. It’s more like an opportunity to play.

Then you realize that not only do you have to draw a picture, but you have already started.

Realizing that the crayon is already in your hand the hardest part of drawing the entire picture. So difficult is this task, in fact, that many of us disappear from this small planet without ever doing so. Their picture could have been a lot better. Right?

Your crayons will run out eventually. It’s the nature of the playground. You have to do your best with the pack that you got. If you don’t, you’ll miss your chance to play. If you do, you’ll draw a great picture.

Perhaps you got the 8-pack. If you draw a great picture with the 8-pack, even those people with the 24-pack will look at it and say, “Wow! Look what that person did with an 8-pack!”

Perhaps you got the 24-pack, but you don’t know you’re holding the crayon. Then, even some 8-packers will say, “Hey! That person’s drawing would be a lot better if they knew they were holding the crayon.”

Does it make sense for an 8-packer to advise a 24-packer how to hold the crayon? Sometimes it does, if the 8-packer’s drawing is the best it can be for an 8-pack.

Does it make sense for a 24-packer to advise an 8-packer how to hold the crayon? Sometimes it does, if the 24-packer’s drawing is the best it can be for a 24-pack.

Does it make sense for either the 8-packer or the 24-packer to say, “Leave me alone! You don’t know how to draw!” Sometimes it does, if either of their drawings are not the best they can be. But this minor difference can so easily be overcome if both the 8-packer and the 24-packer stop arguing, breathe and realize that they’re both holding a crayon and drawing a disagreement. Then they can decide if it’s what they want to draw.

The best thing a 24-packer can do for an 8-packer is not to give them crayons, but to help them realize they’re holding their own pack.

The best picture you’ll ever draw is one that helps others realize they’re already holding their own crayon.