The Colorful Personalities Of My Days

This is the first time I’ve ever expressed this lifelong affiliation. The colors aren’t exact, but it’s so weird finally seeing them on the page. It’s always just been like this, same for some numbers and months of the year. I don’t know why.


Monday is a maroon day. It seems sudden and jerky, like taking a deep breath. It’s decisive.


Tuesday has always been light blue and has a joyful personality.


Wednesday is dark blue and easy-going, forgiving.


Thursday is dark green, also quite headstrong and a leader.


Friday is yellow, careless yet upbeat, a friendly charmer.


White Saturday (cannot write in white here) has a spiritual, ethereal and mystical personality.


Yellow like Friday, Sunday oozes freedom but never shies away from a necessary task.

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One thought on “The Colorful Personalities Of My Days

  1. mom says:

    This is a remarkable picture. I LOVE it? Is it coming home, I hope so!…….keep them coming JB….we will keep a wall space for them! Lol!

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