5 Things I Screwed Up In Vietnam

1. Anthropophobia

The genie’s right in saying “thy wish is my command.” You get what you ask for, and I spent most of my time in Vietnam suspicious about being ripped off and generally closed off to the opportunities of spontaneity. It inhibited my freedom to explore. Looking back, I see that it coulda been so much more than dinners at the guesthouse.

2. Hai Van Pass

Thanks to some sublimely unfortunate weather, the “Top Gear Experience” of the beautiful Hai Van Mountain pass turned into a fog-fest with 30m visibility! I kinda enjoyed the whiteout, but not sure if it was worth the 2-hour uphill “bottom gear” experience of getting there!

3. Bar Tab

Thanks to Phong Nha Farmstay, I was able to taste my dream of doing music as a pro when they hired me to stay and play in the evenings for two weeks. But I managed to basically eat and booze my paycheck away. Good times, yes, but too much of routine-by-default drinking instead of the occasional memorable night.

4. Wi-Fi

I spent far too much time staring at a screen while faffing around online, converting video formats and the like. Enough said, clock’s ticking.

5. Lonely Planet Slave

The maps are occasionally wrong, you tend to have a pre-digested experience and you see all the same faces along the road. A pair of French dudes I met at Saigon train station actually unwittingly referred to an area of the city as “District 1” instead of its real name (not hating, just observing). There’s a common assumption on the LP path that everyone’s eating from the same plate, and it makes you wonder what else is on the menu.

Now I’m here correcting these and other mistakes, and generally things are going better and better! I love comments, drop one!

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