New words always

Ant – rushed traveler, fitting it all in, obsessed with stamps and flags
Brostel –
brothel hostel
Casino clowns  – 
you are one when you lurk in a casino playing small bets and drinking for free
Chillage in the village –
(Asia cycling) relaxing somewhere agrarian
– (Asia cycling) roadside passer-by or random traveler you’re never gonna see again
Hill Trust – (Asia cycling) the faith that this uphill bend in the mountain pass is the last
Muto – a highly important achievement
Moto-gawker – (Asia cycling) motorcyclist who ignores the highway ahead for a full 60 seconds to crane their neck and stare at you cycling as they pass
Roadside – small shop, source of hot water, flat sodas and stale biscuits and home to a family of 3256 people
The diminishing margin of hello-ity – effect produced by saying hello 400 times a day
Translating – (while speaking to a local) pointing, miming, doing anything to get the message across (except speak Vietnamese)
Two cents – someone more clever’s correction of your foreign exchange estimates; “It’s more like four thousand one hundred and fifty-seven riel to the dollar.”
Wi-Five – high five across a street or large room


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