Great, you got enemies. It means you stuck up for something.

I represent one of the most educated demographics in the world. Education is useless without action. Action requires forethought, but my challenge is overcoming the tendency to act without considering the consequences. It’s a great way to waste energy.

But on the other hand, too much contemplation is a recipe for inaction. Over-contemplation is a strategy often used by decision-makers who wish to stall the decision in order to maintain the status quo, from which they often benefit most.

And, of course, action without any forethought can be the most destructive.


So there’s this balancing act between those who have the ability to make powerful decisions and want to keep it that way, and those who have less power in their decisions but all the energy required to make positive changes in their own life.

We are all a bit of both.

And I think I fall somewhere to the right, wanting a change to the fundamental problems in modern society, but feeling too powerless to know where to start.

This is the value of educating oneself. Just standing in the kitchen arouses my curiosity. Where does my used water go? How much energy does a cup of tea cost, relative to the annual cost of the house, for example? How much is a kilowatt hour, really? Who are the major brands of washing powder? How many people does each one employ? What’s their annual net profit?

The more I learn, the more I learn how ignorant I am about the way my own personal world actually works. The more I know how it works, the more powerful I become. I have the gift of an education, and from that, a drive to educate myself further. I hope I am doing my duty in passing it on with grace, in a way that others can understand.


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