Know Your Self

Somewhere near Cape Town

As I wind down another day, I want to just take a few minutes to express a deep gratitude for everything. For socks, and the money to buy more. For a phonecall that could easily last an hour. For a working heart. For the occasional Pepsi. For a bike and the fresh air in my face. For a job which I can easily do and the 4.20pm home time, full of promise. For lunches, for a home and an inheritance. For people who don’t doubt me and what I can do and am doing. For a mind that ticks rapidly when it needs to and the ‘off’ switch. For knowing how to swim, play chess, read sheet music, write Korean, talk about web development, play the violin, make love.

There’s a freedom about it. About knowing these things – a sense of ease and confidence enters your life. You breathe and know how well you will do in any situation. You focus on that freedom, you become one with the instrument. Picking it up is no longer a threat, a nerve-wracking display of talent. It’s simply a part of you. You strum it while you’re watching TV, while you’re doing something else. People stop you and ask you to play something. you sing with lightness and comfort, knowing yourself to be an agent of the angels and God while you do. To spread the light. Your goal is not self-enrichment. You are not greedily trying to take whatever you can, and as much of it as you can from the world. You’re trying to give back, to encourage others to unlock their own hidden musical passions. You explain that it’s not about how good you are as a musician, but it’s about how big your heart for music really, truly is. you have room for many things, but it’s your heart for all types of glorious sounds that inspires you and fills you with joy like nothing else ever has. You are well and truly a part of the music, without needing to understand it or being able to analyse and interpret it. You take risks because there is no failure, only learning. You let go of old habits of thought, which measure your success in material terms, in the number of followers you have. How can the abundance of your personal joy ever fit onto a business card anyway? How can the people who surround you ever understand what it’s like simply being you, free and happy with the person and the music you are a part of? How can the number of people who pay attention to you possibly influence the same love you have for your art when the room is empty?

Teach yourself how to think like this daily. Be thankful for your ongoing journey, even if you just don’t know where the next foot will fall. Send links to people personally and be proud, but not too proud to ask for help. Involve your friends, you make them feel like they’re a part of it because they are, without a doubt and without a reason, they are your lifeblood. Share this blood with them, and in this there is trust and hope. There are those who follow you and support you, and there area those who step aside. All fit into these categories in the end.

Know yourself and the way your mind works. Spot your patterns of thought and be aware of the the destination of each. You can be sure that some will uplift you and some will draw you down. This is the essence of God and the Devil. know Both well, for it’s only in ignorance of these forces that you fall.

Do you have a picture of your future ideals? Do you know what shape your dreams take, eventually? Have you cast light into the shadowy corners, etched them in detail and uncovered the hidden? Know yourself and how you will paint this picture. Use your knowledge of yourself to sieze opportunities as they arise. Doubt nothing in you. Just claim the spot that is yours in the world, freely and easily. You can fuss over the details later. Set yourself thus a deadline to create that which needs to be created and you will deliver on time a fresh and exciting result every time. Stay hungry. Stay mildly nervous about your unfounded faith in yourself. That’s what faith is. The timing is never perfect, only ever now. Know your ability to risk everything in order to get what you want.

Have more faith in yourself every day than the last.

Love yourself more.

Give everything away.

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