Show Notes – Fri 14th Oct


Mixes were out of sync! Why, dunno, spent 2 hrs earlier fixing them up and sounded good. Check it.
Need You – killer, dont try change anything, a little distortion on the guit is great
MPKMini stopped working mid-set after dripping sweat. BRING A TOWEL. managed to fix, which is good to know. disabled / enabled in preferences
Kinda ran out of songs. Don’t wanna play all the old stuff anymore (And Now, Fatten Up, blah blah. Most of it scares me)
Rollover Strategy – fix the fuckin keyboard already
Fly – didn’t include. Why not?
Finish up Confidence, it’s got such potential.

OVERVIEW: get the mixes redone with Geoff asap. Focus on the new stuff. Decide if you wanna DJ or sing, stop tryina do them both mate. It has to be a single-focus, hard-hitting act which leaves no room for listeners to guess what it’s about. Sing covers, I think that’s where you passion is. Follow the feedback – they like the reverb violin interludes. Gradually phase out the DJ stuff and replace with the covers. Learn some dance steps, you look like a spaz when you spaz out. Enjoy Max Tundra tomorrow, the guy’s press kit reads exactly like yours, follow the success stories. This is going vocal, because you actually can’t squeeze your enthusiasm into a computer screen at this point in life. Layer some FX and sing!


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