Island Deal.

This morning I woke up on the beach to the sound of waves and solitude.

I watched a fire go from inkling flame to roaring beast, to soft embers.

I played violin to the waves and the wind.

I held my breath underwater and came up to the horizon reborn again and again.

The past 4 weekends have been spent on on of three islands east of Seoul. Muui Island was hosting a ‘Korean Burning Man’ (which turned into something so small and cosy we called it Burning Baby). The week before the party I went on a reconnaissance mission alone. The following weekend we returned to the same place for Burning Baby. The weekend after that, I felt the need to get out of the noisy city again. The plan was Ulleung Island, but, typhoon. So, Jawol Island it became. About a mile of beach. A handful of people. This weekend I went to the next island in the chain, Daeijak Island.  Similarly deserted, but for two restaurants, a noraebang and a couple of day-trippers.

Two of these trips were with friends. Two were solo. There are pros and cons to both. I am glad I found the balance. I have to get back, but the weather’s turning. Perhaps again in summer. So, beaches, I’ll make you a deal. I promise to put some footprints on your shore and share your beauty with others if you promise to be there when the sun comes out again.


One thought on “Island Deal.

  1. Yvandi says:

    JAWOL Island 🙂

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