the kid who stole fire

it’s all just thought at first, pure but unfocused. a raw and blistering wave of potential. the kid looks up at the sky, a passive witness to the stars. then the crucial link: it’s imaginary, but possible. a momentary thought: what if… then the courage: it can be done, and i can do it. somehow. then action leaps forth, the blinding, sudden impact of a momentary decision, a seized opportunity, a step forward into the direction of your musings. he reaches out with body and soul, ever closer, just a hair’s breadth. he touches his dream. then the reaction, it hurts, it doesn’t work. so train it. tame it. place your fingers around the golden orb once again and yank it from the sky. hold it burning in your palms, high for all to see. he has mastered the sun.

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