Fail Proudly!

The word “failure” is saturated with negative connotations, but I’m beginning to see it another way. In order to create, you must fail. There is no way to learn without making mistakes. OK, cool. That means that while you’re learning from these mistakes, you have a certain failure quota to fulfill before you start to see the results you want to see.

If you measure the success of your work by the amount of praise or attention you receive, then the idea of failure becomes negative again. You sulk when nobody notices you. By doing this you expand the failure quota by creating the idea that you’ve failed. You never reach the end, because you’re constantly creating more failure by perceiving a lack of attention as such.

On the other hand, if failure is simply seen as a necessary stage in your development, you fail proudly and willingly. You realize that you’re simply doing your work, going through the early stages. Well on your way! Your work is simply your duty. There’s nothing glamorous about it. You’re under no illusions, you’re simply an ordinary person doing their thing, in the same way everyone else is. You don’t create unrealistic expectations. You have no inhibitions about how well you “throw the switch”. You’re just there to throw it.

So put yourself, your art, your business out there. Welcome the failure. It’s the only way. Get the early “no’s” out of the way. Let those people who care pay attention and let those who don’t be gone. The gauge is no longer how much attention you’re getting, but how much of your failure quota you’re eating up on the way to true deliverance.

So fail! Haha!


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