Post-Gig Concepts

Gig at Roofers, just got back.

Significant moments: Steve told me I should never play for free again. Quite angrily, which I was pleased by, because he’s kinda right. I got nothing out of tonight but the awesome experience and two CD sales and two new fans. Which is all fine by me, but when other people are charging at the door for the service I’m providing for free, it’s gotta balance out. Sure I’m not the drawcard, I’m not bringing in the value of my act yet, but I’ve also gotta learn to turn down opportunistic requests. For me, playing is everything, and whether or not I’m getting paid doesn’t make much difference to me yet. Learning.

Also, people will always bother you while you’re setting up or taking down. Expect to have to either say, “sorry I’m busy” or to do both the conversation and the breakdown with 50% attention. Up to you.

There will always be advisers. People who want to steer you in the direction they think is best for you. You cannot write them off entirely, but you cannot put too much stock in what they say either. Sometimes they’re drunk. You should learn to take advantage of their lowered defenses to make the emotion impact that is the master currency of the music industry.

Don’t drink too much. I have one already, thanks.

I need a chromatic headstock tuner for the guitar (mute, tune, unmute) and good plectrums that don’t splinter.

I have a set which starts out like a CD and ends like a club. I need to go BAM from the start and set the tone. I want to finish up with Tapehiss and Jennifer, and then whack out neo-classical, violin-heavy techno dance music. Deep and dark and lovely and unique and delays.

The pig mask only works on guitar tracks, where I don’t need to see and hear the violin properly.

The act needs polishing, sharpening. I can’t expect to “find the right person” to help me, so I have to continue solo until the right person presents. I trust they will, and I pursue leads in this faith. But I have things to learn on my own first. I cannot mix and perform at the same time. Something must be done here. MIDI foot pedal? Analogue delay pedal? hmmm… Gotta sharpen it up, from the start it must be BANG.

Women will think you’re sexy. Guys will give you “who do you think you are” stares. Don’t take any of it too seriously, very seldom would you get the same treatment from someone in a sober state of mind.

When it comes to gigs, all I’ve actually ever known is being the guy who keeps playing after the event organizer’s gone home and the cleaners are waiting while you forge audio in the corner, alone, without expectation of payment, simply because it’s the one thing that keeps your life on the rails.

But at least my fuckin’ life’s on the rails 🙂 picking up speed too. truly, nothing else matters.



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