Awesome day

Yesterday I spent my time

  • practicing violin (scales, pieces: Clog Dance, Sonata in Dm, Tyrolean Song) – 90 mins
  • designing sound for Dark Quadrant (iPad game – ‘Nanta’ alien race, pieces: War, Deception 2)
  • (Here’s the game so far)

    Here’s the music so far:

  • playing guitar in the park – Indian classical riffs, 7/8 blues, jazz standards: Fly Me to the Moon
  • stencil painting a stop-motion animation in the Dead Zone – ‘Warning Signs’ – been busy on it for a month
  • Dot Comic frame – ‘Change’ for Cuth.
  • Thank heaven for the extra time while the devils are writing exams. That’s what I call a full-on day! One day, it will be what I wake up to do. But for now, I’m thankful for the extra time. Nothing is ‘lacking’ from my life anymore. I have succeeded in keeping these flames alive. My art is blossoming. I fear creation less. I am alive.

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