That’s It.

Snap. Just like that, I decide that it’s time for the next step. And so it is.

1. If I feel like doing something, I’ll do it. If not, I won’t.
2. You’re a friend. You do mean something to me. The more you encourage my ambitions, the more you mean to me. I will try understand your needs.
3. Life / God / World / Universe / Truth first. Music second. Try make them one and the same by being aware of and directing the thoughts I think.
4. Be aware of my shortcomings. Listen to them quietly. Laugh at myself.
5. When you practice, breathe and enjoy. Learn to associate practice with enjoyment.
6. You don’t need to be fluent in anything.
7. You are already there. Not halfway or partly, but fully there.
8. You’ll die. Follow the freedom this truth brings.
9. Look at the bridge, not out the window. Concentrate on the time gap between left hand / right arm.
10. Production is easy. Spend less time fiddling. Browse presets.
11. Talk to the plant.
12. Give stuff away.
13. DJs are not all musicians. Be a DJ sometimes. Inventor Mr Fox? You’re not brilliant yet, you do need shortcuts sometimes. It will encourage you.
14. I love you.
15. Handstands.
16. The only cure to talk is action.
17. There is no cure for a hangover. Avoid them, they’re stupid. Getting too drunk and staying up all night talking shit with people is stupid. DO something. Find the good music. Avoid the hits because they depress me.
18. Don’t get depressed. It’s all almost over.
19. Don’t fake smile unless I have to. Stop smiling at everyone all the time because it’s insincere and saps my energy. Smile when I’m glad about something rather.
21. The impulsive action must be obeyed. Watch the still brush at your peril. The thought then lingers and I’m stuck between the real and the desire. Consolidate briefly and release.
22. The ladies are as flawed as you are. Put nobody on a pedestal.
23. Major Major Major Major Minor Minor Seventh Diminished Augmented Sus4 Sus2 Ninth Eleventh. Love the theory.


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