Really Rich People. Richer Than Me.

I actually have no idea who this dude is, but he came up under a Google Image search for “Rich”

I’m fascinated by people with a lot of money, and when I have the chance to socialize with them, I always bring up the topic, as innocuously as I can, of course. Sometimes they appear to be searching, as if the party / dinner / event is merely a time-passing fancy, pulp fiction, as if something incredible is happening tomorrow but they can’t talk about it. Their eyes wander through fields of phantom figures. All but tomorrow’s pragmatic action is irrelevant. Everything is somehow a means to an end, even if it is the most delicious Beef Korma you’ve ever had.

In the last week I’ve managed to socialize with two different rich people. Chris is a Korean fashion businessman who lives on my floor. He’s CEO of his company and ‘has all time’ to hang out with me. He’s young, evidently wealthy and has a beautiful Korean wife called Anna. His English is past the awkward phase; he speaks now as if searching for the best way to say something. Last night he picked me up in his black BMW and drove me and Anna to Itaewon for dinner. I was wearing the same sneakers I jog in, carrying a bag of watercolor paints, 1.6l of beer (and a chilled mug) and no wallet. I was expecting to paint the sunset on the roof when he urgently called, and I went straight down to meet him without thinking.

I always feel that my passion for the visceral adventures of art, music and present-moment mindfulness will fall flat on rich folk, even if I could sum up the wherewithal to begin THAT conversation. I don’t speak bottom line business. I sometimes wish I could discuss investment strategy, idolize corporate heroes and become passionate about a true quality company.

End Part one. Part two here.

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2 thoughts on “Really Rich People. Richer Than Me.

  1. From a psychological standpoint, that look… That searching aura they exude… It may be a part of the reason why they’re successful. It’s a hunger, not for food. It’s a thirst, not for drink. A lust that has nothing to do with flesh.
    Like all mental capacities, it has thresholds both low and high that, when crossed, sends the sufferer into the realm of instability. At the low level there is apathy, beyond the high is greed and obsession…

    The look is ambition and drive. The business man will suffer being hungry for success through everything, every meeting, every vacation, every meal, because their pursuit is largely ethereal. Their drive deals with a made-up standard of cloth paper and metal shards.

    I’m sure you’ve had the look you’re describing. I’m sure you’ve felt what they feel. Every time you have a brush in your hand. It’s a human thing but it’s felt differently by everyone.

    That’s how I see it, at least.

    • Johnny B says:

      yeah totally, i was careful to be mindful that there’s no difference between myself and anyone else that cannot be overwhelmed by similarity, but those fractional dissimilarities are enough to inspire me to look further behind the eyes of those who travel avenues I’ve yet to walk. In time, in time.

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