Why This Photo Is Fake

Typical caption

Here’s a shot of me relaxing in a beautiful tidal hammock in Sabang Beach, Philippines! The warm water gently laps up at you as you relax in the humid shade between cocktails. Wish you were here!

Why it’s fake

There were no cocktail bars nearby. I spent about 3 or four minutes setting up the self-timer on my borrowed camera because I’m travelling alone, which means nobody but me actually witnessed my Moment of Hammock of Awesomeness. This gave me ten seconds to race barefoot over sharp rocks, climb into the hammock, and assume the position of someone who’s been relaxing there for hours. After the red light blinked, I thought about genuinely enjoying the moment for a minute, but instead I leaped out of the hammock immediately to rescue it lest it fall off its tilted ledge directly into 1ft of water.

But everything worked out fine in the end. I got the photo, and now everyone on Facebook can see. That’s what counts, right?

Think, people. Unravel this shit.

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