No Reason

no reason
no URL
no promotional tactics
no clear brand names
no sponsors
no demarcated advertising spaces
no objective reality
nothing but pure expression
no message
no ideology
no me me me
no publicity
no self-promotion
no target market
no sales strategy
no intended effect
no political agenda
no common sense
no widespread idea
no commercial agenda
no professional layout
no DPS trump card
no shortcut
no goal
no destination
no providence
no guardian angel
nothing but the truth
no future
no past
nothing but present
no confusion
no importance
no consequence
no preconception
no lucky break
no propaganda
no diametric opposite
no consistency
no uniform
no fame
no hype
no celebrity
no image rights
no royalties
no ownership
no property
no possession
no ugly mistakes
no ignorance
nothing but faith
no pretence
no deceit
no guilt
no hell
no reason


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