Go Away And Find Whatever

As an inspiring and all-round amazing guy, one of my life aims is to be able to create artwork with value as effortlessly as speaking or breathing. It’s Sunday afternoon, & I disembark on the train-plane-taxi-bus-boat power-combo (1,000,000 NEW HIGH SCORE!!!) that will land me in Puerto Galera, Philippines in 22 hours. Actually, I just made that figure up, I don’t know how long it will take, but writing publicly about how worldly I am makes you jealous. I may skip the taxi and walk.

Anyway, I’m clearing my disks for recording some new sights and sounds, and it’s only now that I realize how easy it would be just to make the music video for KJourney, a Pravda track that has been hanging around for a while. Now that I don’t have even two hours to do it, it becomes ‘so simple’. Self-delusional? I’ll spend the next two weeks fantasizing about how I’m going to attack it with vigour and enthusiasm when I get back – but this time, I will. For now, time to empty my recycle bin. Cheers, bitches.


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