What If Everyone In The World Was Like You?

What if everyone in the whole world shared your view of it? Imagine every person you met just knew that things are the way they are. It wouldn’t even feel like ‘your’ point of view any more, just ‘the’ point of view.

Intellectual jerk: “I’d be so bored”

Sure, you would. But do your daily interactions reflect this? When someone else fails to understand you, do you recognize it as a blessing, an entertainment of life’s unpredictable charm? Or would you prefer simply not having to deal with it? In other words, a world where everyone shared your view of it? Back to square one?

Moral wank: If you take on the challenge of these misunderstandings you’ll be engaged with ‘life presenting’, rather than bored with being right.

Intellectual jerk: “I know I’m right (because I believe in myself, God, etc)”

Don’t we all believe that if everyone preferred the democratic voting system, belief in a monotheistic God and vanilla ice-cream, the world would be a better place? Isn’t home base simply ‘right’ in some ways? Haven’t we spent our Sunday mornings and school days being issued with proclaimations from a number of incontrovertible authorities that it’s THIS way or the wrong way, not because we’ve explored the options but because such authorities been issued the same story from their predecessors? From OUR predecessors?

Moral wank: Listen to other people if you want to hear what you (or God) are saying. Your conscience – the voice of God inside you – is always reacting, but only when you hear it do you know yourself to be right or wrong.

Intellectual jerk: “I have experienced deep peace and happiness as a result of my world view.”

Your experience certainly is the ultimate teacher. What if everyone had experienced what you have? Every birthday party you’ve been to, every time you’ve been shocked by static electricity, every person you’ve every said hello to – these were all completely understood by every person you met. Would your common history have the same impact on every individual, or would the necessary differences between people translate into different reactions? Even if you had a deep sense of peace as a result of your world view, does that mean everyone who tries vanilla loves it?

Moral wank: While your experience is the ultimate authority, it cannot be projected onto anyone else with predictable results.

Intellectual jerk: “I don’t think the world would be better or different.”

Perhaps you’re someone who’s deeply in touch with their flawed humanity, and you answer with a firm ‘no’. You see that if everyone was like you, the world would be no different, or perhaps even worse. So do you really believe it? If everyone on earth had a negative self-image, wouldn’t it just seem like everyone was completely normal? Wouldn’t it be rendered normal to avoid eye-contact, meaningful discussion and sincere love between you and others for fear of being disapproved of? Isn’t that how we already are?

Moral wank: The capacity with which you CAN believe yourself to be worthwhile and important is the capacity with which you already DO. If you have latent worries about how valuable you are, drop such self-defeating doubts and entertain the idea that both you and other people already see your worth. You realize that some already do, and more follow you when you follow yourself. The results are instant.

The End

Being an integral part of the world is everyone’s ideal, isnt’ it? Do you see the part you’re playing yet? Imagine everyone knew what part they were playing, right now, by doing it with their every day. Do you think the difference in viewpoints would matter then?


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