Portable Work Desk

There’s a scene in Blood Diamond where the refugee West African asks the ex-mercenary smuggler if he has a wife, children or a home. No to all three. I see a guy walking alone through the world, unaffected by his personal relationships, free in a sense, completely alone and self-determining. I cannot imagine this character fully integrating into a society without undergoing some radical internal changes to his character. I see a guy who can drop everything and walk away from his circumstances in 30 seconds. I see a person who can’t look the mother of three in the eye without feeling an explanation is in order, and I’m tired of explaining myself, my art, my vision, my direction and my self to every person I meet. I go out of my way to present an image of myself that says “I’m doing something with my life.” I’m far more interested in how this story ends than in how the strange people who drift in and out of my life notice it. I have places to go. I’m not going to be teaching English to school children forever, and I’m sure as hell not going back to Africa to get stuck there worrying about my life for the rest of it. Performance is my ticket to run. The focus of a laser and the dedication of a professional. I need a work desk that breaks down into three parts and can be carried out the door because sooner or later, I’m going out that door.


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