My New Press Release.

Pravda23 is a mighty force to be at least marginally acknowledged.

John Bartmann completed his Grade 3 in Violin Practice and Theory in 1995. He is obviously not as good as Vanessa Mae. If you are looking for premium entertainment, you should rather book someone else. He likes to have fun by playing low-level public shows at the subway station because they have electricity, but hasn’t gotten around to buying speakers yet, so is forced to play on headphones.

Under the name Pravda23, he has released over 3 hours of OK-ish electronic music to his billions of friends on forums and profiles on the Internet. He has also home-burned and distributed over 100 CDs, sometimes to people who he has never even met!

In 2009, after a good solid week’s preparation, John was joined by DJ LoFT (his friend Nic) to form Pravda23 Live, an instrumental DJ performance at Pickwicks in Long Street. The 20-capacity venue was packed on some nights, but was technically not “sold out” as most guests were let in for free. The residency spanned 13 shows, and they were allowed to have up to 3 drinks on the house! Per night! They also sold at least two T-shirts.

Since moving to Korea to pursue his career as someone who has to work for a living, Bartmann maintains his ambitions by continuing to produce music and releasing it to his billions of friends. You can sometimes watch him perform live online shows, but instead of  sensational, dazzling lights and quality sound and stage production, you can see what his apartment looks like in the background. Also, I should mention that they’re not really ‘music’ performances per se, but something more along the lines of music track tutorials offering video feedback to DJs, electronic music producers and sometimes also musicians.


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