Time to shine.

I am plotting an assault on the streets of Seoul. My arsenal includes an electric violin, a laptop and about 60 minutes of Pravda23 backing tracks. I have to acquire a pair of speakers and the permission of the owners of empty coffee shops. I will also play subway stations with electrical outlets. Enough talk. Speakers today, trial gig soon after.

There’s a temptation to say “when I’m ready, I’ll start.” It’s an excuse, meant to sabotage you. Why do we sabotage ourselves? A few reasons: to avoid failure; to be able to always cherish the ideal, which is shinier than the reality. It works the other way around in reality. If you smile, you start to feel happier. With your face, you can trick your mind into brightening up. If you get the cheap speakers ‘in the meantime,’ and just ‘get something going’ so long, you set in motion the wheels of progress. If you wait for the ‘big one’ you risk over-preparation and sometimes you fail to leave the ground.

I always say that when I’m better at violin, I’ll get this thing going. I’m better at violin now. I was playing these tracks 200 ‘practice hours’ ago. Let’s go.


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